Since its inception in 1994, Rigmaster Machinery Ltd. has continuously proven itself as a Canadian leader in drilling rig equipment design and manufacture.

Our philosophy is straight forward: build simple, top quality machines while continuously looking for improvements in both design and safety.

At present the pride of the Rigmaster product line is its fifteen models of mechanical and electric drawworks ranging from 300hp to 2000hp. Each model has

been designed so as to maximize the efficiency of every individual component. To accomplish this, great care is taken in the selection and installation of third

party components such as engines, motors, drive shafts, clutches, air systems, and hydraulic systems. In cases where the right components could not be

sourced, or simply did not exist, they were developed in-house.

These products: gear-boxes, transmissions, brake systems, hydraulic catheads (Cobraheads), and torque sensors, comprise the rest of Rigmasters current

product line and have developed into successes in their own right. This unparalleled devotion to component integration and development has resulted in the

production of over 130 dependable, specialized drawworks. In Western Canada, these machines have become the preferred choice of drilling contractors

and oil companies alike, enabling them to complete drilling programs safely, reliably and profitably.

Rigmaster Machinery Ltd. also does retro fits by refurbishing customers' existing equipment and upgrading them with their own products.

Rigmaster Machinery is also an excellent source for general drilling supplies and parts.