Iron Roughneck


  • The Floor Robot was designed to combine the Iron Roughneck and Rotary Base, enabling all robotic functions involved in making and breaking pipe to be

    housed in one assembly.

  • The well center opening is 20-1/2 API and can handle typical bushings, inserts etc. used in any conventional rotary table.

  • Hydraulic powered slip arms enable auto function of slips.

  • The Iron Roughneck portion travels over well center and back out of the way. It also moves up and down 18" carrying the robust make/break clamp cylinders

    and anvils.

  • The base contains a mud drainage ditch with flo-connection underneath for directing unwanted tripping mud back to cellar on tank.

  • Because both torque heads each have 60 of movement, 30 each way of center - torquing of drill bits or B/H assemblies on coil tubing rigs is achievable.