Pipe Launcher

   Canadian Patent Number - 2,535,083

   U.S. Patent Number - 7,625,168 B2

   U.S. Patent Number - 7,837,426 B2

    Rigmaster model PL-7500-3 Pipe Launcher is designed to handle range 2 and 3 tubulars. Delivery of pipe to rig floor is accomplished by a three function boom which

    elevates the pipe, launches it forward and utilizes a spring loaded hydraulic moveable skate.


  • Alignment to substructure is easily accomplished by outriggers which can walk it into position.

  • A boom support mounted on the substructure, enables solid positioning of boom to sub.

  • Launcher stinger can pass through well center, enabling easy handling of the heaviest collars, while fully loaded.

  • Pipe indexing and kicking out of trough are accomplished with powerful kicker arms and indexer blades. Transferring of pipe in all directions can be done easily.

  • Six teeter beams, three on each side of launcher, position pipe for indexing and assist in rolling pipe into tubs or into racks.